Guest post- Shaina’s Saba

Guest post by Naomi (Shaina’s mom). Today (the 23rd of Adar) is my Saba (grandfather)’s first yartzeit. For me, it is a day of reflection- a time to appreciate who Saba was and how much he impacted my life. Saba was born in 1923 in Tarnopol, Poland. He was the youngest of a large, religiousContinue reading “Guest post- Shaina’s Saba”

It’s not always fun as the sibling

Whohoo! We survived the summer vacation and returned our kids to school intact. Ask us how our summer went, and we’ll politely respond that Shaina is happy to be back in the structured social environment of the classroom. I wouldn’t suggest you ask our other children how their holiday was. Luckily, they’re too old forContinue reading “It’s not always fun as the sibling”

Does she feel pain?

We started our morning today with our new unpleasant weekly ritual: To give Shaina an injection. You betcha she doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t cry. Today, after Naomi administered the shot, Shaina looked at me and announced, “It’s sore”. I wasn’t sure if I should whoop or cry. The only thing worse than seeingContinue reading “Does she feel pain?”

Which child to focus on?

The rabbi from North Carolina had been most understanding. I had been due to lead a Shabbaton weekend retreat for his community but had wound up with Shaina in ICU instead. I knew that he had cajoled people to register for the event and had arranged all the relevant catering. I hated that I had dashed hisContinue reading “Which child to focus on?”