Stump the doctor

Shaina staggered out of bed last Friday. Over twenty-five years of parenting, we’ve guided our fair share of zombified children to their beds. We’ve never had to steer one from her bed. Had any of our other children lurched drunkenly into the living room, we might have chuckled. Not with Shaina.  My mind raced from zero toContinue reading “Stump the doctor”

Kindness Circle

Shaina knew something was afoot. Her older sisters entertained her in the living room as the special guests arrived. Shaina has sharp hearing, and she picked up our conspirational whispers from the other side of the house. To be fair, she had already cottoned on to the fact that something was up when we wouldn’tContinue reading “Kindness Circle”

Writer’s Block

I haven’t posted on the blog for a while. An author might call it writer’s block, but my block was not of the writing kind. Shaina has got her mischievous smile back in the last few days. The haze in my brain seems to be clearing as her personality reemerges. You know Shaina- in personContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

Speaking to the Great Professor

I will admit to feeling high levels of stress and anxiety yesterday. Thankfully, I remembered the story of the Professor of Hanipoli.  Shaina started coughing (again) earlier this week. A visit to her pulmonologist confirmed what we had suspected: a viral chest and ear infection. We left with a shopping list for the pharmacy andContinue reading “Speaking to the Great Professor”

The toll on a mother

I missed the signs even though they had been right before my eyes. I had stared at them for ages while waiting for Shaina in the emergency room but hadn’t registered that they were relevant. I missed the sign when Naomi complained of an intense headache slightly more than a week after we rushed ShainaContinue reading “The toll on a mother”

A healthy heart

Fridays in the Jewish world can be stressful. We’re on the clock from first thing in the morning as we shop, cook and prep the kids to be ready for the candle-lighting deadline. The serenity of the Shabbos table belies the frenetic run-up that precedes it.  We’ve had our fair share of extra-stress Fridays alongContinue reading “A healthy heart”