Stump the doctor

Shaina staggered out of bed last Friday. Over twenty-five years of parenting, we’ve guided our fair share of zombified children to their beds. We’ve never had to steer one from her bed. Had any of our other children lurched drunkenly into the living room, we might have chuckled. Not with Shaina.  My mind raced from zero toContinue reading “Stump the doctor”

Speaking to the Great Professor

I will admit to feeling high levels of stress and anxiety yesterday. Thankfully, I remembered the story of the Professor of Hanipoli.  Shaina started coughing (again) earlier this week. A visit to her pulmonologist confirmed what we had suspected: a viral chest and ear infection. We left with a shopping list for the pharmacy andContinue reading “Speaking to the Great Professor”

You might not expect this from a rabbi

When I burst into our house on that Saturday morning last year when Naomi had her stroke, our daughter came to greet me, phone in hand. You might think that’s no big deal, but it really is. A phone is off-limits in an Orthodox Jewish home on Shabbos (a.k.a. Shabbat, the Sabbath). And I wasContinue reading “You might not expect this from a rabbi”