Stump the doctor

Shaina staggered out of bed last Friday. Over twenty-five years of parenting, we’ve guided our fair share of zombified children to their beds. We’ve never had to steer one from her bed. Had any of our other children lurched drunkenly into the living room, we might have chuckled. Not with Shaina.  My mind raced from zero toContinue reading “Stump the doctor”

Another glimmer of hope

March 2019. Newsweek had just rated Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre amongst the world’s top ten hospitals. Originally the Tel Hashomer military hospital, the sprawling Sheba Centre now housed 120 medical departments and saw over a million patients a year. Sheba Hospital boasted cutting edge research facilities and an excellent paediatric department. We had never heardContinue reading “Another glimmer of hope”