Seeing life the right way

“It must be an issue with her left eye.” Shaina’s teachers and therapists all seemed to be in agreement. We had been sitting in Leah, the school principal’s office. Being called into the principal’s office is daunting for a child. It is overwhelming to be there to hear an assessment of your special needs child’sContinue reading “Seeing life the right way”

Shaina’s voice

On my right sat an inspiring young tennis champion and, next to him, a nervous young mother. Well over a hundred people had arrived to listen to us despite the chilly Sydney night. The event’s organiser welcomed the crowd and began to introduce me as the first speaker. My mind focused on one thought, “HowContinue reading “Shaina’s voice”

Choosing the right lenses

Shaina will often perch a pair of glasses on the tip of her nose and announce that she is a granny. It’s a super-cute reminder that reading glasses are for old folk. Only, I don’t laugh as much as I used to. I’ve worn glasses ever since my third-grade teacher told my mom I couldn’tContinue reading “Choosing the right lenses”

Think good thoughts

Joburg thunderstorms are legendary. Lightning blazes across the night sky as the house shudders with each rolling thunderclap. Joburgers find the storms exhilarating. Expats miss them more than koeksisters.  Shaina finds them terrifying.  That summer evening in 2019, she snuggled tightly against my chest as rain pelted down outside. A sudden flash lit the room,Continue reading “Think good thoughts”