Happiness is… imperfection

I’m a recovering perfectionist. Many of us are obsessive pedants, paralysed by the need to have things “just right”. We are often useless at delegation because we worry that nobody else can do the job as well as we can. And we don’t enjoy our successes because we’re too busy fretting that they’re not asContinue reading “Happiness is… imperfection”

The Genius of Mr O.

How do you send your child to school with an oxygen compressor without turning her into a freak show? When I bundled Shaina, her machine and 18m of tubing into the car this morning, I was concerned. Would the noise of her oxygen contraption scare her little classmates? Would she throw a tantrum when she’dContinue reading “The Genius of Mr O.”

An exceptional school

Shaina heaved on her pink backpack, donned her sunnies (“glackes”, as she calls them) and marched to the car. No matter how many times I’ve done it, first day of school gives me butterflies. Taking Shaina to school that morning brought a whole new set of nerves. After the team from Feuerstein met Shaina inContinue reading “An exceptional school”